Next generation electrical probing 


CAPRES develops new technology for

direct nano- and micro-scale electrical

characterization of materials. 



CAPRES A/S is a nano-technology based company.


Our unique probe technology is designed for in-line production monitoring in the semiconductor industry where our fully automated tools for mass production are used at four of the leading computer chip companies.


Our unique probe and tool technology is ideal for R&D as well as production monitoring because it allows direct measurements of Sheet Resistance, Hall Mobility, and Active Carrier Density on very thin conducting films down to a few nm directly on 300 mm product wafers or smaller samples without sample preparation.


Our unique CIPTech® tool is the preferred method for characterizing magnetic films in the MRAM and Read Head industry.






CAPRES Research Grant

For researchers who wants to take advantage of CAPRES’ Microscopic Four Point Probe technology. it is possible to apply for CAPRES Research Grant.

Please read more on web page CAPRES Research Grant.

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